This summer, take a deep dive into filmmaking. Guided by Filmmakers Ink professionals, our young filmmakers learn by doing as they develop the key creative and technical skills required for exceptional filmmaking. Filmmakers Ink programs are designed to give students solid lifelong hacks with which to access, express, and develop their creative ideas and then turn them into movies.


Under the leadership of award-winning filmmaker Patrick McCullough, Filmmakers Ink has set itself apart from other film camps by focusing on the most challenging part of the process: how to come up with, and develop, good ideas for great films.



Learn the process of making good films, fast. Professional filmmakers will help each young filmmaker begin to develop the filmmaking instincts needed to direct, capture the right footage and run the set. Experience the moviemaking process from script writing and storyboarding, through pre-production and filming. Everyone will develop scripts, and work in each of the main crew positions, including Director, 1st AD (Assistant Director), DP (Director of Photography), Gaffer (Lighting) and Boom Operator (Sound), while practicing the collaboration skills necessary to make movies with their film tribe.  (5 days: 30 hours)

 M-F       7/23 – 7/27

Ages 11–14   9:00AM–3:00 PM  

DHS   Filmmakers-Ink.com       $495            


Special FX Filmmaking 

Learn filmmaking by doing. Filmmakers Ink instructors will help you collaborate with your filmmaking tribe to develop an idea for a film, then, write, produce, shoot and direct a 5-7 minute movie using Special FX! Screen a rough cut of your movie for family and friends at your Premiere on the final day of film camp.  (5 days: 15 hours)

M-F   7/23–7/27

Ages 8 - 10         9:00am–12:00pm     

DHS   Filmmakers-Ink.com         $295       



Also register for our CreativeArt Ink Full Day Multi-Arts Program featuring a Pulitzer Prize nominee, Off-Broadway actors, professional filmmakers, composers, animators and photographers, and other working artists, which runs from July 3 - July 7 (NO CLASS ON THE 4TH).

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