After School and Summer Courses 

The following class descriptions are a sampling of topics offered throughout the year.
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Intensive Filmmaking
Our students will gain knowledge in every aspect of filmmaking. Our award-winning filmmaker/instructors will teach our students important elements of pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-Production: The students pre-production planning will involve developing scripts, storyboards, location scouting, set design and casting.

Production: The students will work closely with seasoned professionals in specific crew positions, including; Director, Cinematographer, Gaffer (Lighting), Sound and Script Supervisor. They will also work with props, wardrobe and set dressing.

Post-Production: Our young filmmakers will study and evaluate each shot and select the best takes based on camera work, composition, continuity, sound quality and other criteria that we will dicuss as a group.

Our young filmmakers will work with our award-winning screenwriter, director and producer, Patrick McCullough, honing their ideas into scripts ready for production. Students are encouraged to bring in their stories for consideration, but it is not necessary.

Acting for Film
Our young actors learn to live truthfully within their scenes. They first sharpen their listening skills and then work improvisationally, learning to concentrate, trust and collaborate with their teammates. They will get plenty of on-camera experience. They will also act in our student-made films.


You will digitize the footage from the Filmmaking Program and edit picture and sound to create a rough cut of each film.  Work with special effects, transitions, sound design, music and titling to create a final cut. using editing programs such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie.  Computers will be provided.

Acting Improvisationally
Concentrating on fun, excitement and teamwork, we will learn and practice improvisational exercises based on trust and focused on listening and spontaneity.

Our class will concentrate on developing the individual style of each of our Animators. By trying many different forms and methods of animation and visual storytelling, we hope to give each of our students a wealth of creative possibilities for artistic exploration.

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